Air Conditioning Installation

Air Conditioning Installation tailored to our customers needs.

Every installation is designed with efficiency and comfort in mind. Correctly sized systems can reduce your energy bills by more than 60% and help to increase productivity in an office environment.

All of the systems we supply and install use the newest inverter technology to reduce running costs and any unwanted noise.

We believe a well designed system should work without being heard, delivering you Heating, Cooling and Ventilation for total comfort.

From a single Split Air Conditioning unit in your home to a complete office HVAC solution, we can design and manage your project from start to finish.

Replacement Technology

Replacement Technology

With the Ban of refrigerants falling into the category of HCFC (R22), it is necessary to explore all options when it comes to replacing old equipment.

Fortunately, manufacturers have produced systems utilising ‘replacement’ technology. This means that we can replace VRF, Split and Multi Split Air Conditioning systems without the need of replacing the pipework. Once tests have been carried out to ensure the pipework is sound and free from any leaks, the new system will run an automatic system cleaning cycle, removing the old, incompatible lubricants.

Using the Replacement Technology Systems ensures that the warranty is honoured by us the installers and the manufacturers.

Split System






We offer up to a 5 year leasing option through our dedicated leasing partner!

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Highest quality, yet affordable Air Conditioning

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West London Cooling LTD are here to offer the highest quality, yet affordable Air Conditioning solution specific to your needs. Our aim is to provide all of our customers with a first class service, whether we are Installing, Maintaining or Repairing your equipment, the client is our number one priority.

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